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Launched in 2003, "The Joseph Comics" became the first minimal comic strip series by amateur cartoonist Joseph Scarbrough. The comic centered around fifteen-year-old Joseph Armstrong - just you're typical, average, American teenager who just so happens to get himself in and out of random situations that give way to continuing adventures with serial cliffhangers much like the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show that inspired the comic (which itself adopted said format from old movie serials that were popular at the time). In 2004, the comic experienced a minor revamp, and carried on until 2008 (the comic went through a print run from 2003 to 2006, then a secondary web run up till 2008), thus making Joseph and his friends find their place in the Old Cartoon Stars Retirement Home permanently.

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Bubblegum Boy Returns
Bubblegum Boy Returns

More Missing Comics Resurrected!

Yep, so now, the storylines "Circus Clown", "Lipstick on Mirror", "Teed Off", and "Battleball Blitz" have all been completely recovered and have been uploaded to the site!

This now leaves the rest of "See Joe Run", "A Bad Day in Josephland", and "Night Prowler"... I'd add "Bubblegum Boy" to that list, but I distinctly remember throwing that one away by mistake.

Oh well, maybe those others'll turn up eventually... hey, these all did didn't they?

"Better Archive" Just Got Even Better

I went back through the "better archive" I had uploaded, and decided to go ahead and re-direct you to each individual strip (that's available at the moment), so now whenever you want to go through the archive to find a particular strip you want to re-read, you can now do that in the better archive as well!


See Joe Run... Recovered... Sort Of

Well, since we've moved, and I've got through some more boxes I had, I managed to recover A part from the M.I.A. Season Three storyline "See Joe Run".

This is part seven of the eight part storyline, in which Joseph runs away from home, but decides to stop at the toy store on the way to look for the new Yick the Dork action figure. This is, unfortunately, the ONLY part of this storyline that I have been able to find, so it may be a little hard to follow this particular strip, but I thought it was still worth showing.

You can access it directly here: http://josephcomics.smackjeeves.com/comics/268497/see-joe-run-part-7/

Better Archive Uploaded

The title of this news post pretty much speaks for itself. A better archive has been uploaded, as you can see in the top menu.

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