Character Bios

Joseph B. Armstrong
Joseph is your typical, all-American teenaged boy from the small metropolitan town of Yo-Yo, Wisconsin. Happy, bright-eyed, eager, imaginative, and optimistic, whose sole purpose in life is to have great adventures (but then again, what typical, all-American teenaged boy doesn’t?) Unlike most kids his age, Joseph actually does have adventures that spring up out of nowhere, whether he’s getting himself into trouble, or simply trying to carry on with his daily routines. Also, like most teenaged boys, Joseph can be a bit careless at times, but then again, it’s something he’s used to actually. When not busy in the middle of an adventure, Joseph can often be found after school, where he serves as a depressed towel boy for the High School baseball’s team: The Yo-Yo Strings.
Mr. Narrator
Loud, fast-talking, wordy, wise-cracking, sarcastic, and sometimes hysterical, Mr. Narrator is just your friendly, neighborhood narrator, who is considered both “a blessing and a curse”. To one extent, he is a blessing to the loyal readers, as he keeps everyone informed on what all is going on during the story; meanwhile at the same time, just his presence is a curse for those he’s narrating for. Yet, nobody has ever seen him! How about that?
Everybody needs a best friend, and folks, young David is just that, as he’s Joseph’s pal, and bosom buddy. David is first seen in the first storyline “The Girl’s Bathroom”, where, fearing for his friend’s life, begs Joseph not to go into the girl’s bathroom, hearing that it’s very dangerous inside. Although David is pretty much another example of your all-American teenaged boy, he is pretty much diametrically the exact opposite of Joseph, as he is shy, quiet, somewhat secluded, and does not function well under the kind of pressure that makes you cry out like a little baby… in it’s crib; though he too can feel a sense of honor, dignity, pride… in it’s crib. Whenever he gets mixed up in the craziness, David always relies on Joseph to get then out of it, since it’s pretty much his fault to begin with. David eventually found a part-time job after he was surprisingly hired to be an intern for the know-nothing advertising firm of the Stewartz Company.
Mr. Huggy Wuggy
Well, what can be said about a 46-year-old man with a name like that?! Except the fact that with the exception of the narrator, he is pretty much the ONLY adult-supervision for Joseph, as his parents are always busy for some strange reason. Mr. Huggy Wuggy is the top executive-in-charge-of-stuff at the know-nothing advertising firm of the Stewartz Company, where he works for his best friend, Mr. Stewartz. Mr. Huggy Wuggy’s interesting love-life consists of the apple of his eye – his very sophisticated, and extremely sexy secretary, Miss Olive. Mr. Huggy Wuggy’s day-to-day life consists of the following: designs, layouts, campaigns, advertisements, ideas, conferences, meetings, clients, paperwork, and English Muffins.

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