Mr. Huggy Wuggy - Malfunction

August 17th, 2008, 11:48 pm

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Author's Comments:


While this wasn't the next strip chronilogically, I wanted to finish this strip in particular; in my opinion, I believe this illustrates a perfect example of how "edgier" the Mr. Huggy Wuggy spin-off was to be compared to other works of mine.

Not a total loss though... the dialogue came up in a really twisted internet roleplay I was once a part of, lol.


User's Comments:


I was going to come back and read this one later but as you've only done a few pages I might as well finish what I started.
This one felt quite personal so I'm wondering if as you hint here, it was actually inspired by your own job. Interesting that you abandoned it so quickly though and from your editorial it sounds like you lost heart pretty quick.
Curiously enough, having read all three of your comics now I really felt your heart was mostly in your earliest MASH comic as the scripting and art show so much more enthusiasm and dedication.
I'd certainly love to see more of your work and maybe another TV spin-off would be the way to go as you really capture the faces so well.

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